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Wheelchair Accessibility
Non Emergency Medical Transport 
We are the only licensed Non-Emergent Medical Transportation company in the southeast Missouri region that provides quality and cost effective transportation. We provide medically trained friendly staff for patients having no medical needs during transport, but require a stretcher or wheelchair accommodation. 

Transport Services

Wheelchair Van

Our vans allow you or a loved one to be able to make it to medical appointments without the worry how you will make it. 

Stretcher Van

Whether its our Ford Transit or our ambulance style vehicle, we are able to transport you or a loved one when your condition prevents you from being able to sit upright.

Booking is reserved for only for nursing home facilities we have current contracts with. Contact us to contract our services. 

Due to state regulations, we are unable to transport to the hospital for emergency visits with the stretcher van.

The Very Best Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Available

S.O.S. Medical Inc offers the very best transportation service for non-emergency medical transport. Our transportation specialist and staff provide more than curbside to curbside service. We will pick you up in your living room and deliver you to the waiting room of the appointment. Our Friendly, staff will go above and beyond to ensure that your safety is our utmost priority. 


If you or your loved one needs help getting around, we are here to help. We are able to assist those that are bed bound, in a wheelchair or just simply need a hand to stay steady.

We have an excellent team of drivers, patient care managers, and management staff. They work together to provide you with the most complete bedside-to-bedside service.

Our staff is trained to provide customers with safe and reliable, patient transfer services from bedside-to-bedside, whether it is to or from their home, nursing home, assisted living facility, doctor’s office or hospital.

Moreover, our vans and other transport vehicles are equipped with the very latest in fastening systems. It ensures your loved one has the safest ride possible between destinations.

Our services include, but are not limited to transportation to and from:

  • Doctor appointments

  • Cancer treatments

  • Dialysis appointments


We can ever return you to your home or nursing home after discharge from the hospital.

Medical Transport Vehicle
Medical Transport Vehicle
Medical Transport Vehicle

Booking is reserved for only for nursing facilities we have current contracts with. Contact us to contract our services. 

Courteous & Professional Staff


Our personnel are more than just drivers; They accompany each customer door to door or bedside to bedside. 

Our highly trained staff is there to assist the patient in moving from the bed or chair to the stretcher. 

Each of our staff is trained in CPR/ AED, First Aid, Safe Driving, and a range of other certifications. 

We are experienced and trained to help those who have special needs, disabilities or other limitations.

Bedside-to-bedside is common during non-emergency medical transportation. All of our team members have been trained to provide non-ambulatory patients with maximum comfort, whether it is a wheelchair or stretcher.

SOS Medical Logo


Call us, or book online and everything will be taken care of. Our transport coordinators are standing by waiting to assist you with your medical transport needs. You can rest assured that your loved one is receiving the top level of care. If you have any questions, contact us or view our comprehensive FAQ page.

Patient and Nurse
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