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S.O.S. Medical, Inc. - A provider of medical transport services in Missouri.

About S.O.S. Medical, Inc.


S.O.S. Medical Inc. was started in 2020 with a Vision to improve not only the access to, but also the quality of care provided to the residents of Cape Girardeau County. Seeing the need for these improvements, those involved began discussing ways care could be improved. Seeing the the need for even non-emergent medical transport, a Ford Transit with a wheelchair lift was purchased and S.O.S. Medical began service.​ As the number of runs grew, so did the company with both personnel and vehicles. 

Working with Millersville Rural Fire Protection District, S.O.S has obtained an Ambulance License through the State of Missouri to provide ambulance coverage to the Fire Protection District.  

SOS Medical Inc also specializes in transporting you or your loved one to where they need to go, whether that is across town or across country.

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